Monoï Candle


Small hand poured Monoï soy wax candle in handmade ceramic pot. The pot has been handcrafted and fired at high temperature. 


This is a small hand poured scented Monoï soy wax candle in a hand crafted ceramic pot. The candle burns up to 10hours and after the candle is finished, the pot can be washed and reused as a tealight holder (or anything you like). It has been imagined, and created intentionally in the slow way of life. The clay body is 100% stoneware which has been fired at high temperature, over 1200°C, and glazed by hand.

The soy wax is without GMO, candle also contains essential oils. 

Only the inside of the ceramic pot is glazed and the outside is raw clay, however inside is watertight (if you like to use them for another purpose)

INFO: To wash off residue of of soy wax, pour boiling water in the cup, rinse. Then wash with dishwashing soap. The cup is now suitable for anything you want to use it for. It is foodsafe! 

Colors may slightly vary from one screen to another.

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Approx Height 6cm x 6cm