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A few personal lines…

~ It was in Burgundy, where I settled in 2020, that my story with ceramics began. Attracted by the arts since a young age and guided by my creative instinct, I create pieces in my workshop inspired by Japanese minimalism. Presentation of a former spare parts advisor from the Netherlands for whom working with clay has become a therapy.

~ After attending an Applied Arts school, I began my personal journey when I moved to Lyon. Despite many varied jobs, I quickly realised that office work did not fulfil my desire for creativity. My mind would often wander to the idea of creating objects with my own hands.

~ On a fall day in 2019, I managed to secure a spot for weekly pottery classes in my neighbourhood in Lyon. It was during this first lesson that love at first sight occurred. Working with clay can be a satisfying and rewarding experience. There is something about the tactile nature of clay, the way it can be shaped into any shape, that is very therapeutic. Contact with the clay helps me feel calm and focused, like a meditation that calms anxiety.


The ceramic workshop

~ During the pandemic, the desire for space and freedom was felt. That's when we decided to move to the countryside in Saône-et-Loire, the region where I grew up. It was the ideal time to find a house, a true home, where I could devote myself to my work as a ceramicist and launch my shop.

~ The workshop has had various functions over time, serving as a summer cottage, then as a home during renovations, before finally becoming a full-time ceramics workshop. A few renovations allowed the workshop to acquire the functionality it has today. It now includes a kitchen area, spacious work space, and above all numerous shelves to display the pottery pieces.

~ My inspiration for my designs comes from my passion for Japanese interior design and Scandinavian style. Moreover, the name of the brand, in addition to being the first name of my Yorkshire, Yuki, embodies the meaning of 'snow' and Yoko means 'positive', thus evoking the purity and whiteness of the artisanal ceramics that I make.


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~ What are ceramics?

Ceramics constitute all pieces made from clay transformed by ceramic firing. There are several types of clay from which artisanal ceramics can be made: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

So that an artisanal ceramic can accompany you for many years, the stoneware undergoes firing at high temperatures which makes it solid for everyday ceramic use.

~ The difference between pottery and ceramics?

To make the distinction between pottery and ceramics a little clearer I will take examples:

stoneware bowl is pottery because it is shaped like a pot.

stoneware bird sculpture is ceramic but it is not pottery, because it is not pot-shaped.

So all pots are ceramics, but not all ceramics are pots.

~ Everyday artisanal ceramics

The artisanal pottery made in the Yuki And Yoko ceramic workshop is made of stoneware fired at high temperature and fits perfectly into everyday life with a family. In fact, stoneware ceramic tableware is shock resistant and dishwasher safe. I offer lots of models of artisanal pottery that change with the seasons: ceramic cups, ceramic bowls, ceramic spoon rests, ceramic mugs and ceramic strainer bowls. And there is also a category dedicated to interior decoration ceramics and ceramics for the bathroom.

~ The Yuki And Yoko Workshop:

In my artisanal ceramics workshop called Yuki And Yoko, I design, manufacture and shape multiple pieces of artisanal pottery which are put online during shop updates on average once a month or every two months. To buy artisanal ceramics made by the Yuki And Yoko workshop, nothing could be simpler: go to the Yuki And Yoko online shop and select your favorite products. Each Yuki And Yoko handcrafted ceramic is designed to be durable and solid for everyday use. At Yuki And Yoko you will find original and quality artisanal stoneware ceramics that will accompany you for many years to come. Each piece of Yuki And Yoko ceramic is made from stoneware and fired at over 1250°C to make the Yuki And Yoko ceramic durable. If you don't want to miss the release of new artisanal ceramics during the Yuki And Yoko shop update, you can now subscribe to the Newsletter.