Where it all begins...

Every day, all year round, lots of unique artisanal ceramics come to life in my workshop Yuki And Yoko in Southern Burgundy, France. Each ball of clay is transformed into a functional or decorative ceramic piece, ready to add character to your home. 

My workshop is an old small sheepfold, near the edge of the surrounding forest, offering a charming view of our garden and, further away, of the Burgundian hills.

Before it could be used as a workshop, this space required significant work, as it had been abandoned for many years. After years of effort and the necessary adjustments, I finally realised my dream by moving into the workshop as you now see it on social media and in the photo here above.

This is where I enjoy working every day, designing new pieces, shaping objects and bringing them to life.

However, I would like to point out that, for the moment, the workshop Yuki And Yoko is not open to the public, whether for workshops or out of curiosity. However, I have many plans for the future!