Ceramic floral crystal rainbow Suncatcher
  • Ceramic floral crystal rainbow Suncatcher
  • Ceramic floral crystal rainbow Suncatcher
  • Ceramic floral crystal rainbow Suncatcher
  • Ceramic floral crystal rainbow Suncatcher

Rainbow Suncatcher


Floral ceramic suncatcher. Made to make your sunny days even brighter.

Color: White
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A white speckles matte ceramic flowers suncatcher! Hang it in front of your window and when the sun hits it, little tiny rainbows will appear in your home! 

It has been assembled by hand. 

Please be aware this is not a toy, not suited for children. May cause choking hazard.

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Data sheet

Chain 15cm x Flowers 22cm x flower 5.5cm

~ What are ceramics?

Ceramics constitute all pieces made from clay transformed by ceramic firing. There are several types of clay from which artisanal ceramics can be made: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

So that an artisanal ceramic can accompany you for many years, the stoneware undergoes firing at high temperatures which makes it solid for everyday ceramic use.

~ The difference between pottery and ceramics?

To make the distinction between pottery and ceramics a little clearer I will take examples:

A stoneware bowl is pottery because it is shaped like a pot.

A stoneware bird sculpture is ceramic but it is not pottery, because it is not pot-shaped.

So all pots are ceramics, but not all ceramics are pots.

~ Everyday artisanal ceramics

The artisanal pottery made in my ceramic workshop is made of stoneware fired at high temperature and fits perfectly into everyday life with a family. In fact, stoneware ceramic tableware is shock resistant and dishwasher safe. I offer lots of models of artisanal pottery that change with the seasons: ceramic cups, ceramic bowls, ceramic spoon rests, ceramic mugs and ceramic strainer bowls. And there is also a category dedicated to interior decoration ceramics and ceramics for the bathroom.