Small ceramic ring dish
  • Small ceramic ring dish
  • Small ceramic ring dish
  • Small ceramic ring dish
  • Small ceramic ring dish
  • Small ceramic ring dish
  • Small ceramic ring dish

Ring dish


Handmade small dish in white speckled clay. It has been fired at high temperature and decorated by hand. 

Color: White speckled
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Handmade stoneware dish glazed in white matte. This dish is also available in green. 

This small dish can be used for jewelry, as a teabag rest or anything you want.

The clay body is 100% stoneware which has been fired at high temperature (over 1200°C!) and glazed by hand.

Dishwasher safe, not microwave safe.

Each dish has its own unique shades of glaze which vary slightly from one piece to another.

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Data sheet

Approx. 9,5cm x 1cm

~ What are ceramics?

Ceramics constitute all pieces made from clay transformed by ceramic firing. There are several types of clay from which artisanal ceramics can be made: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

So that an artisanal ceramic can accompany you for many years, the stoneware undergoes firing at high temperatures which makes it solid for everyday ceramic use.

~ The difference between pottery and ceramics?

To make the distinction between pottery and ceramics a little clearer I will take examples:

A stoneware bowl is pottery because it is shaped like a pot.

A stoneware bird sculpture is ceramic but it is not pottery, because it is not pot-shaped.

So all pots are ceramics, but not all ceramics are pots.

~ Everyday artisanal ceramics

The artisanal pottery made in my ceramic workshop is made of stoneware fired at high temperature and fits perfectly into everyday life with a family. In fact, stoneware ceramic tableware is shock resistant and dishwasher safe. I offer lots of models of artisanal pottery that change with the seasons: ceramic cups, ceramic bowls, ceramic spoon rests, ceramic mugs and ceramic strainer bowls. And there is also a category dedicated to interior decoration ceramics and ceramics for the bathroom.